Posts From March, 2015

Amber Morton Authors Article in Progressive Grocer on How to Survive a Lawsuit

The increase of lawsuits in the supermarket industry can be intimidating to store operators. In the Progressive Grocer article, “How Supermarkets Can Get Through a Lawsuit … Alive”, Attorney Amber Morton details the best approach when handling a lawsuit.

Ms. Morton advises store operators to “review your document retention policies and ensure you are retaining all documents.” If you have deleted or lost any significant documents, it can cause additional legal hassles. It is…

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Philip Toomey Advises Employers on Handling Medical Marijuana in the Workplace in Employee Benefit Plan Review

In the article, “Employers in a Quandry: Medical Marijuana in the Workplace,” published in Employee Benefit Plan Review, Partner Philip Toomey explains why employers must have a plan on how to handle potential employees using medical marijuana in and around the workplace. In the state of California, medical marijuana is legal for those with a disability and have a prescription; however, marijuana is still illegal under federal law. With that being said, “legal…

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