Posts From September, 2016

From The Beach Reporter News, “Athlete’s Touch takes lessons of sports and puts them in business”

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Manhattan Beach resident Justin Blaine grew up in a family that valued strong relationships. Raised in West Lake Village, he watched his dynamic father create a vibrant career built on strong networking and mentors.

Davis Blaine founded a successful California networking group, and Justin learned from example, forging a similar but distinct path of his own—as a baseball player, investment analyst and co-founder of Athlete’s Touch,…

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Philip A. Toomey to Speak at Public Employers Labor Relations Association of California 2016 State Conference.

San Diego, CA – Phil Toomey, Partner of El Segundo based law firm Carico Johnson & Toomey LLP will speak at this year’s Public Employers Labor Relations Association of California (PELRAC) annual conference.  Mr. Toomey will be speaking on Investigation/Discipline – practical steps to plan, conduct, conclude, document and defend an investigation.  Also,  common pitfalls and issues that arise when investigating public employee misconduct employees.  Lastly, properly imposing discipline to reduce the possibility…

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Estate Planning Myths Debunked

What are some misconceptions about estate planning in California?

For many Californians, estate planning remains shrouded in mystery.  If you have never studied the subject or explored the topic with an estate planning attorney, you might hold some common misconceptions about estate planning.  The following is a look at a few estate planning myths and some helpful information to set the record straight:

Myth #1: A Will must be notarized in California in order to be…

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Philip A. Toomey joins National Public Employment Labor Relations Academy Faculty

(September 16th, 2016) San Diego, CA – Phil Toomey, Partner of El Segundo based law firm Carico Johnson & Toomey LLP has joined the teaching faculty of NPELRA and will present on “The Foundation of Labor Relations” on September 27th, 2016. This certification course trains participants on the basic principles and practices of labor relations.  Mr. Toomey will present on Contract Enforcement and Arbitration, Grievance and Arbitration Clauses, and Comparative Approaches for Negotiations.


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Tech Company Interactions Move Back to the Courtroom

Q: Are the courts up to speed with respect to tech-related disputes?

In the early days of the technology revolution, the sentiment among newly-emerging tech companies was that tech was evolving too fast for the old-fashioned laws and the outdated legal system to keep up. This resulted in many tech companies opting to fly loose and take liberties with their behavior—hoping either to not get caught infringing upon another business’s rights or to find enough…

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Avoid the Iceberg™ of Workplace Discrimination Claims

How can an employer protect itself from discrimination and other employment-related claims?

With the exception of small “mom-and-pop” shops, successful business owners must relinquish control of certain business operations to executives and managers in order to expand and grow. The potential down side of this delegation of power is that errors in judgment or intentional actions by these supervisory employees can land the company in a courtroom. Discrimination, retaliation and wrongful termination claims are just…

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