Carico Johnson Toomey Attends 2017 Westcoast Sports Associates Dinner Gala Honoring Kareem Abdul-Jabar

Bonaventure Hotel, Los Angeles: Attorneys from the law firm of Carico Johnson Toomey LLP attended this years Westcoast Sports Awards dinner honoring Kareem Abdul-Jabar as the Roy Firestone award recipient.

Roy Firestone Award Winner

WSA could not be more excited to partner with the UCLA Bruins and Los Angeles Lakers legend. Abdul-Jabbar won three consecutive NCAA Championships in ’67, ’68, and ’69, while being recognized a record three times as MVP. He went on to win…

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Philip A. Toomey, Speaker at National Public Employer Labor Relations Association Annual Conference

October 3rd at the National Public Employer Labor Employees Relations Association Academy (Level II) 

Santa Barbara, CA – Phil Toomey, Partner at El Segundo based law firm Carico Johnson & Toomey LLP joins the Academy (Level II) faculty and will speak about The Grievance and Arbitration Process on October 3rd. This certification course trains participants on the basic principles concerning disputes regarding the interpretation and enforcement of rights under an existing contract or under an…

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Carico Johnson Toomey LLP Welcomes New Attorney to the Business & Employment Team

June 12th, 2017

El Segundo, California:  CJTLAW is excited to welcome Eric J. Wu to the firm.  Eric brings significant knowledge regarding employment law on the management/business side to Carico Johnson Toomey LLP. He provides effective strategies to employers so that they may navigate California’s complex employment laws, and avoid unnecessary litigation. He delivers practical solutions to workplace problems, including recruitment and hiring, negotiating employment and severance agreements, personnel policies, employee compensation, discipline, and separation…

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Employment Law – A Fable: What the “E” in Email Stands For

by Philip A. Toomey | Partner

Once upon a time, in a gentle land, lived an employer.  She normally communicated with employees by speaking words out loud. Every now and then, when faced with something very important, she might write a letter or memorandum. Time went by, and things were good.

One day, a strange and marvelous machine arrived. It was called a desktop computer. Soon it had miraculously multiplied and shrunk, capable of being carried…

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“When Two Consenting Parties Cannot Consent: Indemnification for Future Wrongful Conduct”

by William G. Benz | Partner

Indemnification provisions are so common that one would be hard-pressed to find a contract that lacks one.  While an indemnification provision may be hidden in an agreement as boilerplate fine print, it is often of critical importance long after the contract is signed.  But, indemnification can only be pushed so far.  Once it becomes so onerous that it encourages bad faith, California public policy will void the indemnification provision…

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Bringing Beneficiaries to the Mediation Table: Drafting Enforceable Trust Provisions Requiring Mediation of Disputes During Post-Death Trust Administration

This article was originally published in California Trusts and Estates Quarterly, Volume 20, Issue 2, 2014

by Christopher D. Carico | Partner

I. Introduction

Mediation, when available, continues to be an effective, cost-efficient tool for resolving contested probate matters. Until 2007, the local probate rules of some of the larger California counties gave the probate court the explicit power to compel mediation in contested probate matters.2 This power vanished in California with the holding in…

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