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We represent a wide variety of clients in their litigation matters. Our litigation clients range from domestic and international corporations, including leading financial services firms, investment companies, and Fortune 100 companies. We also specialize in representing family-owned and closely-held businesses. In addition to representing clients in the private sector, we also represent public agencies, and local cities and municipalities.

Whether it is a simple dispute involving a single transaction or a nationwide class action matter, our litigation attorneys have the knowledge, experience, and tenacity to fight for you. We handle lawsuits in both state and federal court, as well as private arbitrations on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants.

As part of a complete litigation practice, our firm assists clients in negotiating disputes before they ever get to court. By doing so, we help avoid the filing of a lawsuit entirely, thereby reducing the amount of time, effort, and resources our clients are forced to spend on litigation instead of on their businesses and families.

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Our Clients

  • Bakkavor Foods USA
  • City of Redondo Beach
  • Daz Systems, Inc.
  • Huxtable's Kitchen
  • Invisible Children
  • Liberty in North Korea
  • Piazza Trucking
  • Prestige Maintenance USA
  • Superior Grocers